Outsourced M&A Services for Companies

Supporting Corporate Growth-by-Acquisition Strategies

Alcon Partners works with CEOs and corporate development professionals to help execute their M&A growth strategies. As with all of our private equity deal sourcing work, we exclusively represent buyers, and work on a contingency or retainer basis.

Upon engagement, we work closely with each company to:

  • Understand the company’s strategic growth objectives
  • Identify key criteria for acquisition candidates that meet the growth objectives
  • Develop a go to market plan to identify target businesses
  • Work with the company to develop a protocol and process for deal evaluation

For each deal we source, we use our experience as both operators and investors to:

  • Understand business drivers of the company
  • Untangle and interpret financial statements
  • Provide insight into seller motivation and objectives
  • Present objective pros and cons of the deal
  • Provide guidance and advice throughout the due diligence process

If you are a corporate business development officer interested in expanding your reach, and identifying new and exciting opportunities for corporate expansion, please contact us. As always, we will maintain complete confidentiality.  

We specialize in sourcing proprietary opportunities, but also engage in deals that are represented but have non-standard sales processes.